The Society of St Vincent de Paul inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ work to promote justice and human dignity through person to person contact with those in need.

Student leaders Preparing for Commissioning Mass

The Vinnies youth programme is currently run in 14 Catholic Secondary schools, 2 Parishes, 1 Tertiary institutions and 3 community groups throughout Auckland.

The Vinnies service work of the  youth programme is based on the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy. These works have been incorporated into 4 themes. Each term the Secondary School Vinnies and young adult conferences choose one of the 4 themes to focus on.


  1. Poverty- Resource Insecurity eg: Food and Opportunities
  2. Social Exclusion – eg: Elderly Isolation and At Risk Youth
  3. Prison Communities
  4. Homelessness

School Visits and Workshops:

The Vinnies youth team have integrated the See, Reflect , Act model into the Vinnies programme. They  initially visit the school at the beginning of year  to meet with staff and leaders to discuss how they would like to structure their annual Vinnies programme. Once this has been established fortnightly visits are booked for the Vinnies Youth team  present workshops and facilitate discussions on the chosen theme for the term. The Vinnies youth team  also assist in the shaping and delivery of the service projects. Additional Social Justice workshops and retreats are also delivered at the request of the school.

Sancta Maria College Vinnies

Service Projects & Community Immersion Programme:

The youth team have been trained to assist schools in shaping and carrying out service projects to the local community. There are 3 tiers of service projects

1. School Collective projects : Where the whole school community takes part Eg: Can Appeal or when Auckland wide projects are organised by the youth team for different school to attend.

2. Vinnies group onsite projects : These are coordinated onsite by the Vinnies school groups. The activities and projects undertaken are usually based around craft, fundraisers, or collections that will go towards their chosen community.

3. Community Immersion Projects: These are structured for the senior students to give them an experience of working alongside a supported community of  people. There are oppurtunities to volunteers in  Emergency  housing centres, rest homes, hospitals and prisons etc

St Mary’s College at Kingsland Foodbank

School Vinnies Retreats:

The youth team also deliver day or overnight service and leadership retreats. These retreats are  based on the 4 themes however can be reshaped to include other strands of Social Justice.

West Vinnies Homelessness Retreat

Executives Meetings :

Monthly executive meetings for Vinnies leaders from the 13 Secondary Schools are also hosted  by the Youth team at Liston Hall to provide support, leadership training and formation.

AVSSC 2018

Vinnies School Leadership Training Camps: 

The youth team coordinate an annual Vinnies Secondary Schools Exec training camp at the beginning of the school year and several young adult service learning camps during the year.


Young Adult Youth Leader Developmental Programme :

Vinnies also offer several training programmes throughout the year that cater for young people wanting to be part of the Vinnies Ignite Team ( University Vinnies who are trained to support the schools programme)  or simply want to learn youth leadership skills eg: self awareness, facilitation, ice breakers, leading a group etc. These sessions will either be facilitated on a retreat or during a day workshop. This programme is delivered by experienced youth work practitioners.

Young Adult and Project based 18+ Groups:

Vinnies offers a young adult /Tertiary programme for thise still wanting to be oart of Vinnies beyond secondary school . Vinniers also understands that many young people just want a place to volunteer specifically around a particular project. This option is offered for young people who are 18+. Indcution and training is provided as part of this programme.


Overseas Youth Volunteer Programme:

Vinnies for the last 5 years have been sending young tertiary graduates to Samoa and Tonga to volunteer in partner school communities  to provide or relief specific skills and expertise requested.


Vinnies Events and Youth Masses:

Commissioning Mass is held @ St Patricks Cathedral and celebrated by Bishop Patrick Dunn each year to commission the new Vinnies leaders. In addition to this there is also an Auckland Tertiary Mass and an Auckland Diocesan Youth  hosted by the Society of St Vincent de Paul at the St Patrick’s Cathedral.


For more information about our Vinnies youth programme please click on the link below:

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