Vinnies News Weekly

February 2017


This month was the month where we began to kick everything off. We began by connecting in with our ignite team for a day of reflection and fun before they head back to university starting in March. Not only that but it was an opportunity to welcome new members into the group and to make their transition as smooth as possible. With a mix of old and new, the day was filled with the sharing of experiences and reflection, learning the tools and knowledge we would need to carry out certain tasks and also upcoming fixtures and events that would be going on throughout the year. This allowed our igniters to become more closely knitted and create new bonds that will help them throughout the year. It was also a time to re-focus on the year that would be full of studies and working. Welcome to our new igniters and welcome back to our returning ones. Big ups to our team this year as we continue to serve with the charism that was founded 400 years ago this year. May we remember what we do and those we do it for.  Bring on the year!

Ignite DP
Igniters 2017

Meeting the AVSSC for 2017

A big factor of the work that the Society does within Auckland is involving a few of our catholic schools. Each year, new leaders from these catholic schools are tasked with leading and serving their own individual Vinnies groups within their schools. With new leaders, come new learning curves. This month we held our first Auckland Vinnies Secondary School Council (AVSSC for short). This is an opportunity for the leaders of these schools to connect and meet those who are in the same position as they are. It gives them the opportunity to share what their group does and to also learn about what other leaders do within their own schools. The day was filled with meet and greets, overview of what the society is about, goal setting for the year as a collective and also an establishment of community within the group. It’s the first step to every journey and isn’t being done alone. Looking forward to what these young leaders can do in year to come.

Auckland Vinnies Secondary School Council 2017