Vinnies News Weekly

July: Highlights

Together As One: A Concert by Vinnies Young Adults

The number of families seeking support from SVdP foodbanks over the last few months has continued to the rise in the wake of the winter season. It therefore continues to fall upon the generosity of the community and drive of our volunteers to help meet the need for nutritional food sources. Moved with a passion to express their talents and provide a platform for others to do the same; the Young Adults Vinnies hosted a concert Fundraiser for our winter appeal to support families in need.

Mother of Divine Mercy Youth Sharing their Story

Young men and women from across Auckland gathered for an evening of sharing talent. The acts were varied and plentiful – from strong ballads by Klapa Samoana to the gentle and heartfelt spoken word and dances by some of the younger students. Each in turn shared an aspect of what it meant to feel solidarity.

Students Make Recipes for Foodparcels

Following a successful school term with food drives and afterschool care support programmes, the Vinnies of Carmel College sought to go one step further and create personalised recipe ideas for food parcels. These recipes were based on the contents of a typical SVdP foodparcel, a package that contains enough food to feed a family of four for up to four days. This proved an insightful experience for the students involved as it taught them the reality of scarce resources and the differing needs of those whom they serve.

Staying Connected: A Vincentian Calling

Throughout the year each school connected to the Vinnies Youth Programme receive regular input sessions from the Youth Team. The purpose of these visits are to eprovide the neccessary tools for awareness of social issues within the community. Sacred Heart College gathered for their first meeting this term, this time with a focus towards Social Exclusion. This theme seeks to explore the importance of upholding the dignity others – whether on the sports field, the classroom, or service projects and other programmes involving people.

Sacred Heart Vinnies

In looking at the dynamics of their own everyday interactions, these young men become better equipped at looking at the wider community with a broader perspective. Following this school input session, the students plan to resume their afterschool programmes at the local primary school, as well as to run a food drive for the Auckland City Mission.

World Youth Day Auckland Experience

An annual event, the World Youth Day Auckland (WYD) Experience emmulates the international encounter with the Pope, which is typically celebrated every three years in a different country. The most recent WYD was celebrated in Krakow (Poland) in August 2016. This is a continuation of the reflections begun by Pope Francis for the last three World Youth Days: a focus on the Beatitudes from the Bible. Each year, the Auckland event is hosted by the Auckland Catholic Youth Ministry team of the Auckland Diocese.

Youth from across Auckland gather at St Patrick’s Cathedral

On this occasion, youth groups from across Auckland and abroad gathered for a weekend of activities, praise and worship. The weekend was a significant event for the Vinnies Youth Programme, as it provided a platform to link like-minded individuals with one another. As part of the journey, the Vinnies Youth Auckland took part in a regional gathering to learn about the needs of the community and the teachings of their faith on the first day.

Vinnies Youth group at WYDAKL’18

The second day was riddled with rain, but this did not deter hundreds of young men and women from taking part in a pilgrim walk and later experiencing a combination of youth testmonies of faith journeys, as well as a poignant mass celebrated by the Bishop Pat Dunn and priests of the Auckland Diocese.