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April 17th – 28th

School Visits for the month of April!

The Youth Team along with the help of our University Vinnies set out to the different Vinnies groups around Auckland. With camp still fresh in the minds of our Secondary School Leaders, the youth team unpacked the different themes that their Vinnies groups would be looking at; Homelessness, Social Exclusion, Food Insecurities and Prisons. They are given the opportunity to delve deeper in to their chosen theme and are able to acquire a better understanding as well.  As a big part of their learning, the Vinnies groups not only gain a better understanding of their themes but also the Vincention charism.


St Peters - Intro Sesh (Charism).jpg
St Peter’s College looking at the charism behind the society. Filled with discussions on what they know about the Society and what they want to learn more of, it was an energy packed session setting up for many more sessions ahead.


Carmel - Food Insecurity.jpg
The Carmel College Vinnies group looked at what goes in to a food parcel as a part of their theme “Food Insecurities”. Looking at the different kinds of foods, they were given an insight on what is given to families who are less fortunate and were asked to imagine living with that amount and how long it would last them. It was an awesome session with a lot of insight.


St Mary's - Social Exclusion.jpg
The girls from St Mary’s had the opportunity to look at the issues and cause surrounding “Social Exclusion”. Having a fresh perspective after their time at camp, the leaders of the group led a well thought out and engaging discussion around Social Exclusion with a focus on how they would be able to raise more awareness. The leadership from the Mary’s group is truly something to admire!


Awesome day at Marist College as they were able to unpack the situations behind “Social Exclusion” within their Vinnies group. The session involved an in-depth discussion on what Social Exclusion is and what it means to their Vinnies group and also as a school and nation. The discussion that was made had a huge insight and scope surrounding the theme which displayed the spirit and charism of the Society and also Marist College as well. With such spirited and gifted girls, they carried out the session with big and open hearts.


St Doms - Homelessness.jpg
St Dominic’s got creative and found a fun and practical way of raising awareness for their theme of “Homelessness”. By holding a bake sale within their school, the St Doms Vinnies group were able to raise funds for various homeless shelters around Auckland. Not only that but it gave the group a chance to bridge the gap between the seniors and juniors, creating a more bonded and communicative vibe within in their group. They were able to raise over $300 on the day which makes a huge differences for those who go without. Such an awesome way to tackle the issue of Homelessness while doing it as a collective.


McAuley- Food Insecurity 02
Big ups to the girls from McAuley College for giving up their time to sort thorough cans and other food items that they collected from the St Vincent de Paul Center in Otahuhu. It may seem like a small task but makes all the difference in the long run. The effort and time spent doing this task speaks volumes and makes all the difference for those who are less fortunate.

Vinnies News Weekly

April 2017

 Unpacking Homelessness – St Dominic’s College!

An awesome day for some of our youth team to travel to St Dominic’s in Henderson to discuss the topic of Homelessness with their Vinnies group. They looked at some of the causes and reality of homelessness with a big focus on the differences between a house and a home. These girls were set with the knowledge and understanding of how some people have neither and the big impact it has on these kinds of people. With a clear understanding on what they are able to do and some of the things that can help and cater to these sorts of people, they were set with the different services that they are able to do as a collective. The different types of projects and work they have are able to help people less fortunate while doing it together as a collective. Big ups to you girls for you heart and willingness when its needed most!

St Dominic’s Young Vinnies 2017

Helping Around the Center – St Paul’s

Today we were blessed with the arrival of Andrew, Jacob and Vela from St Paul’s College who offered their time to help our staff around the Kingsland Center. From sorting boxes to cleaning to assembling food parcels, these boys did so with an upbeat attitude and great enthusiasm. It always gets a bit too busy round the shop so to have these boys help our volunteers with task that can be a bit difficult really makes all the difference. Thank you St Paul’s for your love and dedication to our center. You’re display of service behind the scenes is truly appreciated!

St Paul’s College with Staff Member Epine Bob Savea


Vinnies News Weekly

March 2017

President General of St Vincent de Paul Visits New Zealand!

As 2017 is a special year for the Society of St Vincent de Paul, being 400 years since the birth of the Vincentian charism and 150 years since that charism was established within New Zealand, the President of the International Society of St Vincent de Paul Renato de Lima Oliveira had traveled all the way from visited New Zealand.

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The special day involved a mass with the president surrounded by many different Vincentian and even a few of our Secondary School leader as well as an address from the International President himself where he shared his story and a few words of wisdom as well. With a strong addition of our New Zealand heritage added to the mass, the President was welcomed with a Powhiri by Youth Team and Administrator of the Society Whena Maria Pauala and also Logos Team Leader Jen Martine-Alvarez. At the conclusion of mass, the president general was then gifted with a tokotoko (a traditional Maori talking stick) from ­­­Delphina Soti, the center operations manager at the Kingsland center in Auckland and also the youth team leader, as a token of our appreciation and also a reminder of his time here in New Zealand. The day was concluded with a wonderful spread hosted by the Rydges Hotel where the participants of the mass had an opportunity to learn more about President Renato de Lima Oliviera. We would like to give a special thank you to our President General for visiting New Zealand and hope for a safe return hope. We hope to see you again.

CGI Visit
Society of St Vincent De Paul, Auckland

North Island Vinnies Secondary School Camp!

This month we held our annual secondary school camp for our Auckland Youth Leaders. This year was particularly special as we got to invite the societies and secondary schools from both Hamilton and Wellington to join us at Hunua Falls for our camp. The main purpose of our camp each year is to increase and grow the leadership qualities that they have and for them to grow closer as a group while learning about our founders of our society by displaying it in a creative and fun way.

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Over these two days, our leaders were put through many varying tasks and given new opportunities to test their abilities and skills. More importantly, it allowed our young leaders to work together as a team to overcome these obstacles. Without giving to much away for our future leaders, it was a weekend filled with many learning opportunities, connections and also self-reflection. More importantly, it was done in a way where it was fun and exciting. We now wait to see what the future holds for these young leaders.

North Island Vinnies Secondary School Campers 2017