Vinnies News Weekly

February 2019 Highlights

Walking Alongside our Whānau in Mt Eden Corrections Facility

Each week, a team comprised of Vinnies volunteers dedicate their Sunday mornings to visiting the Mt Eden Corrections facility. Those who volunteer are tasked with supporting the chaplaincy with the goal of reduced re-offending, and by assisting offenders to meet some of their spiritual needs and transition back into society. Each week is an opportunity to do all these things through music, prayer, and other religious services.

Prison Ministry Volunteers

More than 600 people, including about 550 victims of crime, took part in the Government survey, which was conducted last month. It found:

• 57 per cent had either a poor or very poor overall experience of the criminal justice system; only 11 per cent said they had a good or very good overall experience.
• 78 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed that victims had enough information and support throughout the process.
• 76 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed that their views, concerns and needs were listened to.
• 82 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed that the system is “safe for victims”.

Amidst such statistics, prison ministry is a unique experience in that volunteers bring a genuine connection to those who reside inside the prison walls. This is something that staff of the correction facility are often unable to provide, and so any assistance provided by those who volunteer is greatly appreciated.

Mt Eden Corrections Facility

Volunteering at Kingsland Vinnies Centre

Volunteering can be challenging. Observing the opshop, what goes into a foodparcel, and the number of families who come through seeking assistance can be quite overwhelming. For students who volunteer at the Kingsland Vinnies centre, this provides an eye opening experience into the significance of their donations. It also deepens their understanding of the outside world beyond their own schools. 

Vinnies has been most fortunate to have the assistance of students from St Paul’s College and Mt Albert Grammar School – with many more soon to join. Food banks such as the one in Kingsland have a presence in the community that provides much more than simply meals. It is through the support of student and adult volunteers, as well as partner organisations that bring the community together in a network of hope and genuine care.

National Delargy Award 2019

Delphina Soti – operations manager of the Kingsland Vinnies Centre – recently received the 2019 National Delargy Award in recognition of the outpouring of inspiration, service, faith, spiritual leadership and work alongside young people. The National Delargy award, in honour of the late Cardinal Delarygy is presented to 3 people every 2nd year. The Cardinal is remembered fondly for his work with the young people of the Catholic Youth Movement, and it is this same essence that is celebrated among individuals who tend to the pastoral care and faith formation of young people. Delphina has been instrumental in leading change, as well as innovating and creating solutions for both youth, families and the wider communities in Auckland.

Youth Development in Schools

Part of the services provided by the Vinnies Youth Team are to engage with students in schools and provide a platform of learning and belonging. As such, this method of informal education has proven invaluable to strengthening both youth and community development. The Vincentian values and principles play a central role in working with these students, whilst also providing a space for student to realize their own strengths and bring them to the forefront in new and innovating ways.

At the heart of this is the commitment to social justice and change. The month so far has provided an opportunity to connect in with numerous college groups in Auckland. Each school group has brought their style of interaction to the forefront, and this has made for some exciting new initiatives and group development. 

Upcoming Events

Auckland Vinnies Secondary School Leaders Camp 

  • Date 6th – 7th April 2018
  • Where: Kokako Lodge Hunua Falls

Auckland City Stations of the Cross:
Organised by Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy

  • Date 19th April 2019
  • Time 9am-12pm
  • Where: Albert Park 33-43 Princes St, Auckland, 1010.

Interested in Volunteering?


We are always looking for new volunteers! Please email for an application form. Or send a message to the Vinnies Youth Auckland Facebook messenger

Auckland Hospital:
Volunteering to escort patients to Sunday Mass

  • Time: 10.45am-12pm
  • Date: every Sunday 
  • Where: Auckland Hospital Chapel 6th Floor; 2 Park Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1023 

Mt Eden Prison:
Volunteering to assist with Sunday Liturgies for residents of Mt Eden Prison

  • Time: 8:15am – 11am
  • Date: every Sunday 
  • Where: 1 Lauder Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland 1150

Auckland Drop In Centre:
Volunteering to assist with drop in/ food service/ conversations with whānau.

  • Time: 9am -12pm
  • Date : every Saturday and Sunday
  • Where: Auckland City Mission,  23 Union St, Auckland, 1010

Wesley Home:
Volunteering to assist with music and Mass for residents of Wesley Retirement Home.

  • Time: 10.30am -11.45am
  • Date: every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Foodbank and Opshop Volunteering:
Volunteering to assist in packing food parcels and also helping in the Op Shop.

  • Time: 2- 4 hourly Rosters from 10am – 4:30pm 
  • Date : Monday to Friday 
  • Where: Kingsland, Otahuhu, Glenfield

Ignite Team:
Volunteering to attend formation training, and become ambassadors to volunteer as mentors for the Vinnies Secondary Schools Programme. This includes: presenting in schools, running retreats and camps; as well as assisting with special events.

  • Time : 1-3 hourly Rosters from 11.30am-6.30pm 
  • Date Mon- Friday, also weekend events from time to time.