Vinnies News Weekly

May, Week 3

Stepping into the Reality

Amidst the busyness of service projects, Vinnies youth have also partaken in retreats to take a step back and gain a sense of who they are in relation to themselves, others and God. Colleges each held a retreat in line with a specific theme, from which they could propel themselves towards making better informed service works. Students could choose whether the experience was an afterschool session, a whole day or overnight. No matter the length, these young men and women gained a deeper sense of their call to serve and how they can go about acheiving this in practical ways.

St Dominic’s & Liston College Homelessness Retreat

St Peter’s College Homelessness Retreat

Sancta Maria Afterschool Retreat

Turning Clocks into Food

A generous donation of electronic clocks were donated to the Op Shop at Kingsland on Wednesday from the staff at Sky City. The money raised from selling these clocks will be put towards stocking the food bank. Three clocks sold can make up one food parcel which is able to feed a family for 4 days.


Vinnies News Weekly

May, Week 2


Serving Our Fellow Brother and Sister

Alongside learning about social issues through regular school visits, the youth team also find ways to connect students with local service projects. These include partaking in winter food and clothing appeals, assisting a local opshop, cooking bulk meals for foodbanks or running after school programmes for children in need. Each of these in turn provide an avenue for face to face contact, and for youth to develop long lasting connections with the community.

Winter Food and Clothing Appeals

Across the last few months we were truly grateful to receive over 10,000 canned goods on behalf of the many families in need within Auckland. Each year, the students of numerous colleges never cease to falter in their care for the community.  Through through this collection, St Vincent de Paul foodbanks across Auckland were able to remain well stocked; allowing the Society  to divert resources towards preventing food insecurity among families. This comes at a very important time, as the cold weather has led to many families needing our services. A total of 142 foodparcels were distributed from the Kingsland foodbank in the month of May alone.

Donations from:

  • Baradene College
  • St Peters College
  • Marist College
  • Liston College
  • Rosmini College
  • Carmel College
  • Sancta Maria College
  • McAuley High School

Opshop Assistance

After school, Marist, St Mary’s, St Peter’s and St Paul’s College each take turns assisting at the Kingsland Vinnies Centre. These are an opportunity to see firsthand where their donations go to, and what it takes to prepare food parcels for those who come through the door. Many who enter the opshop feel a sense of happiness as they encounter the students’ gentle yet energetic personalities; a welcome sight amidst the cold weather outside. The students spend a couple of hours each day sorting through donations, maintaining the opshop and packing food parcels in advance.

Bulk meals for foodbanks

As the winter season unfolds, the ability for families to source hot and nutritional food is often underestimated. In order to meet this need, the South Area Vinnies devised a plan to address it. At the St Vincent de Paul Centre in Otahuhu; Sancta Maria, De La Salle College and McAuley High School have opted to cook bulk meals to be included with regular foodparcels for individuals and families that need the added sustenance. This marks the beginning of a new relationship between the South Auckland schools and the Vincentians in the area. While learning how to cook, the students continue to forge new connections with the elder Vinnies and Vincentians who guide them along the way.


Vinnies News Weekly

May, Week 1

Called to Love: Commissioning Mass 2018

Once a year, the Vincentian family from across Auckland and abroad gather to celebrate the service works and faith journeys of those who serve the community. This year over 100 Vinnies Youth leaders from across Auckland were commissioned at St Patrick’s Cathedral. These leaders were were joined by members of the Society, and friends, family and supporters.

The purpose of the celebration was to formally recognise and acknowledge those who will lead their Vinnies school groups, those who help and guide our school leaders in their role and also those a part of community projects such as Auckland City Mission and Sunday Prison Ministry. It was a poignant mass celebrated by Fr Sherwin, who presented candles to the junior members of the collective, sharing a message of love and service, particularly through face to face contact.

Student leaders Preparing for Commissioning Mass
“Go now, you are sent forth” – Fr Sherwin giving a blessing to the Vinnies leaders of 2018

Gathering as One Family

A number of VinniesYouth alongside friends and family from West Auckland gathered for a praise and worship night at Holy Cross Parish in Henderson. The night was organised and emceed by Liston College’sJeremy Chandra, a Vinnies student leader in his final year of study. The night was filled with songs and reflections with a special guest appearance by Father Pio who spoke on putting love in to work and studies. The night was made for a time to connect in with one another before the students return to the school term ahead.