The Food bank and youth offices have now moved to a new premises on 12 Newton Street, Auckland. The foodbank is up and running and will operate between 10am – 3pm from Monday to Friday.

On the 16th of September, the team bid farewell to the Kingsland building, a home for the Auckland Central Vinnies since 1991. The foodbank at the time supported 200 people, but over the years this has grown exponentially. Prior to the closure of the building earlier this month, the foodbank was supporting over 3,500 people. The larger premises offers more space which is suited for the storage and provision of bulk foodparcels. It also houses the youth team as well as a space for formation and gatherings. The new space now contains a dedicated reception and space for families and individuals who seek assistance. 

The Society of St Vincent de Paul give thanks for this vision and how this journey has come to fruition. Special thanks is given to our donors: the East Auckland St Vincent de Paul and leaders; the Auckland governance board who have spent years working on the relocation plans; the volunteers who made a significant contribution in moving the centre; the Onehunga shop manager and driver who offered truck and transport services, and last but not least Mike Phillipe who sourced all the warehouse racking for the building. This new space means a new chapter in the unfolding of the St Vincent de Paul operations within Auckland. The Society gives thanks for all those who continue to support the movement.

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