Vinnies News Weekly

June: Highlights

Community Fundraiser a Hit!

Going back in time, the Vinnies from Rathgar Road held a 90’s Themed Social at Holy Cross Henderson to raise funds for Timor Leste through the help of Caritas. The project aims to improve the well-being of rural Timorese women by supporting them to develop and make products for sale in seven districts in Timor-Leste. The night involved a wide variety of 90’s attire and music which bought over 150+ people for dancing and an opportunity to connect.


Kiwi Harvest Supporting St. Vinnies Foodbanks

We are truly grateful to receive regular visits from KiwiHarvest, an organisation that collects good food before it goes to waste and distributes it to those in need to nourish the wider community. The significance of these donations are that they allow the foodbank to remain well stocked; particularly in vegetables and dairy products that contain many essential nutrients to sustain the families we serve. We are thankful for this opportunity as they provide an innovative way for businesses to redistribute excess good food.

The team at KiwiHarvest preparing to distribute food

Serving the People: Vinnies Style!

As the year unfolds, the various ministries continue to grow across Auckland. Amidst university exams, employment and other commitments, many young men and women have heeded the call to serve their fellow brother and sister in need. These include weekly prison visitations to those who are incarcerated, supporting those in care at the hospital, as well as serving tea and coffee to those in care at the hospital. The bonds formed in each of these ministries have continued to foster a sense of belonging and community; an opportunity to learn from one another.

Prison Ministry

Each Sunday, a group of Vinnies Youth have the opportunity to visit those incarcerated within Mt Eden Prison. The group lead a Liturgy of the Word in up to two prison wings at a time. Though the time is short, the opportunity for conversation and connection provides a welcome respite from the harsh reality of isolation. Amidst the brokenness and vulnerability, all feel a sense of calm and welcoming when a safe space is created by the Vinnies.

The Prison Ministry Team, following a Liturgy of the Word Service

Auckland City Mission Drop-In Volunteers

On a Saturday and Sunday, the Vinnies serve tea, coffee and meals to those residing at Auckland City Mission. This venue is a haven for those sleeping it rough, or seeking repsite from the cold weather outside. The Vinnies work to develop face to face connections with the people who come through the door. What often begins as nervous shuffles and muted actions, soon turns into laughter and conversation with all who are present.

Vinnies Youth serving up tea and coffee at Auckland City Mission

Hospital Ministry

Though the journey is short between a patients’ room and the chapel, the conversations which take place in the corridor provide a sense of positivity that is well receieved by all. Before Mass on Sunday, Vinnies have the opportunity to guide patients at Auckland Hospital to and from their rooms. The simple act of being able to attend the Mass is significant for those that go as they seek to recover and rehabilitate themselves.

Patients at Auckland Hospital attending Sunday Mass