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April Week 03

Vinnies Commissioning Mass 2015

We belong to each other

On the 2nd of May, Auckland Vinnies Youth will be hosting a vigil Mass in celebration of the commissioning of the new St Vincent de Paul secondary school, tertiary and young adult parish leaders. This will take place on the Saturday 2nd of May at 5.30 pm at the St Patrick’s Cathedral. The theme of this Mass is ‘We Belong to Each Other’ and will be celebrated by the most Reverend Bishop Patrick Dunn. We hope you can come along on this night and celebrate with the gathered Vincentian family.


Thank you to these Marist College students and our faithful supervisor for their mahi today after school. From unloading vehicles, restocking the foodbank to tidying up the shop these young women worked really hard. We are very greatful. May God bless you.


It is moving to see students carrying on the legacy of Frederic Ozanam, especially those in tertiary studies. These young men and women have heeded the call to serve one another. We look forward to seeing their journey unfold in the months to come.

Left to Right: Daniel (Secretary), Lucia (President), Dielle (Vice -President), Kasnita (First Year Rep), Andrew (Treasurer)

AUCKLAND CITY MISSION – Serving the Community


Each month, students from the local universities take part in visitation to Auckland City Mission. These young men and women serve tea and coffee to the clients who come through the Centre and assist in serving meals. We are greatly for their continued assistance to the community.

YOUTH IN ACTION- St Patrick’s Cathedral Youth.

St Patrick's Youth prepare toiletry packs for families
St Patrick’s Youth prepare toiletry packs for families

As part of this year’s Caritas Challenge, the Kingsland SVdP Centre was blessed with the energetic assistance of St Patrick’s Cathedral Youth. 24 young men and women dedicated their time and talents to put together food parcels, thousands of toiletry packs for families and our brothers and sisters in refuges and prisons, sorted clothing for the Mega $1.00 Sale, cleaned, mopped and totally blinged the shop…These guys even revamped some of the office layouts. They worked, sweated and turned whole Kingsland Centre on its head. We thank this wonderful group for all they have done today.


Over the recent Easter Weekend, a collective from St Josephs Parish in Grey Lynn put together an ‘Amazing Race’ competition. As part of this race, they collected some canned food items for SVdP Foodbanks. We were privileged to hav one of the team leaders came drop off around 2 dozen cans yesterday for our foodbank.


Central Auckland Youth putting together a makeshift house out of cardboard and tarpaulins

On one chilly evening of April, a group of young men and women from Central Auckland Youth banded together in solidarity to better understand Homelessness in New Zealand. This initiative was put together in support of the Caritas Challenge – a social movement to better understand poverty in today’s society. Armed with cardboard, tarpaulins and the clothes on their back this group braved the night. Some of our Vinnies Youth Team also had the opportunity to facilitate a session on Homelessness – a truly moving experience for all as we sought to break down the stereotypes of a person who goes without a home.


Vinnies News Weekly

April Week 01

GOOD FRIDAY – Thousands Gather for the Auckland City Stations of the Cross

Vinnies youth members carrying the Cross to one of the stations

Over 2,000 people this came together in prayer and solidarity to reflect on the story of Good Friday. This amazing event was coordinated by the Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy this year. It was led by Fr Bernie Thomas, Bishop Pat Dunn and Monsignor Bernard Kiely. The Stations of the Cross began at Albert Park next to the University of Auckland and continued throughout the city, ending at the St Patrick’s Cathedral.

The Eleventh Station at the St Patrick’s Cathedral – Jesus is Crucified-


Proceeds of the Lenten Food Appeal
Proceeds of the Lenten Food Appeal

Today the Vinnies of McAuley High School finally completed their Lenten Food Appeal. These students committed themselves over the weeks to collecting food to support struggling families in their neighborhood after spending time learning about the plight of these families. These students really felt connected to the people they were helping.
These non-perishable food items will be given to the SVDP Otahuhu Centre to distribute, this will go a long way to supporting families in the weeks to come. Blessings to the students and staff who made this possible!


St Mary's College Vinnies present an Easter gift to the residents of James Liston Hostel
St Mary’s College Vinnies present an Easter gift to the residents of James Liston Hostel

It was lovely to be welcomed and embraced by the James Liston Hostel family tonight. These St Mary’s Vinnies prepared a lovely little Easter surprise for the residents. Throughout the weeks they collected board games and also made up Easter cards for everyone. Tonight they sang their hearts out and also gave out the Easter Egg treats that were so lovingly prepared by the youth of St Micheal’s Parish Remuera and their leaders.

Vinnies News Weekly

March Week 04


St Peter's College students join Mother of Divine Mercy Youth for an afternoon tea
St Peter’s College students join Mother of Divine Mercy Youth for an evening of fellowship and the sharing of stories of life journeys.

Today marked an important occasion for the Vinnies and staff of St Peter’s College as they were welcomed and embraced by the families and youth of the Mother of Divine of Mercy Refuge. A collective dedicated to the care of families that have experienced domestic violence. For many, many years under the leadership of their humble and inspirational matriarch Susana Fiu, they have nurtured hundreds mothers and their children and reconciled relationships. Today many of these youth have returned and dedicated their lives sharing their testimonies through prayer, service, music and dance getting the message out there about the dangers of Domestic Violence.

A group of Vinnies from St Peter’s College visited the Mother of Divine Mercy Refuge -to meet and receive their message and also gift a collection of food they had collected during their school retreat for the families. When they all came together they celebrated the Eucharist. The two groups became one through God’s love and Grace.



Over the weekend the staff and students of St Peter’s College held there Quest Retreat and as part of this retreat they mobilised their entire Yr 9 level and student leaders from the older levels to go into the community to collect canned food..They collected a phenomenal amount of food for families.Over 3000 cans !! It was such an amazing evening where a convoy of vehicles with hundreds of students driven by parents came through emptying out bootloads and bootloads of food. These donations was received by Vinnies will be  distributed to the different St Vincent de Paul Area Councils for distribution to families seeking assistance.



Such a beautiful story unfolded for this Vinnies volunteer today as he worked on his delivery route to distribute bulk canned food that had been generously donated to Vinnies by the students of St Baradene College to network food-banks that needed top ups.

During their deliver at Te Waipuna Puawai which is an organisation run by the Mercy sisters this volunteer got a wonderful surprise.Te Waipuna Puawai is dedicated to providing programmes and food/household support for young mothers and also for vulnerable families. This volunteer had sought their help many years ago when he was going through a rough patch. He had never forgotten what they had done for him.

As he was unloading the boxes of food, he recognized the lovely Sister who had helped him many years ago. He could not believe it and neither could she. It was a such a moving reunion.


– Vinnies Executives Annual Leadership Camp-

During the weekend, over 70 Vinnies from across Auckland headed out to Hunua Falls for the annual Vinnies leadership training camp for secondary school leaders. It was such a profound weekend as it was the beginning of Holy Week. This group embarked on outdoor pursuits to develop their leadership skills, a sense of team and self awareness.


In addition to this they reflected on the stories of significant leaders of the Society that lived their Gospel call and by doing so changed the course of history. The ultimate story of course being that of the Passion of Christ, where true leadership is about authenticity, humility,Truth, passion, sacrifice, vulnerability, forgiveness and unconditional love.



Sacred Heart College Vinnies reflecting on their values
Sacred Heart College Vinnies reflecting on their values

Today the students of Sacred Heart College reflected on how their own values are expressed through the ways in which they think and act. By expressing their own values they hope to explore, with empathy, the values of others. We look forward to seeing the journey unfold!


– Monte Cecilia Emergency Housing Afterschool Programme

McAuley High School Vinnies facilitating an after school program
McAuley High School Vinnies facilitating an after school program

We are very fortunate to have the time that was given after school today by the McAuley High School Vinnies who expressed what matters to them through building friendships with a local emergency housing in South Auckland. A time that was getting to know each other, fun activities and games for the children to enjoy and dance moves on display. We look forward to this relationship growing in its fullness throughout the year ahead.


St Mary's College Vinnies preparing to serve dinner to the residents
St Mary’s College Vinnies preparing to serve dinner to the residents

Great to see the Vinnies of St Mary’s College today as they helped prepare and serve a meal for the residents of the local emergency housing centre! The kitchen was alive with smiles and laughter, and the feedback from the meal to the head chef was just as positive.


Marist College Vinnies sorting food into the foodbanks

“Christ has no body but yours, No hands, no feet on earth but yours,” Teresa Avila
Today was one of the days where we really needed extra hands. There were mammoth deliveries from the generous donors at St Peter’s and Baradene College and also St Patrick’s Cathedral. There were extra food parcels needed to be made up, we were short of shop staff and then these wonderful Marist College volunteers turned up! Thank you for all your hard work, your laughter and wonderful spirit. It really made a difference! The shop looks fabulous and the foodbank is all topped up!


Baradene College packing in the food items to be later distributed across Auckland.
Baradene College packing in the food items to be later distributed across Auckland.

Over the last weeks this team of leaders mobilized their entire school to gather food to support the local East Auckland SVdP food-banks. Their efforts saw the collection of close to 3000 non-perishable food items . This generous donation will go a long way in supporting families in the East Auckland area.

The following week, our Youth Team had the opportunity to connect in with St Pius Parish to drop off some of the proceeds of Baradene’s College recent food drive. The local Vincetians who manage the Glenn Innes foodbank based out of St Pius were very grateful for the gifts of food items, as these will go a long way to supporting the numerous families within their community.