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October Week 04


Today the students of St Mary’s College hosted their final meeting for 2014. It was a privilege to be present and bear witness to the group’s sense of unity and sisterhood. In this meeting, the leaders of 2014 also took this opportunity to announce the Vinnies leaders for the group of 2015. Very fittingly, the leaders presented a candle each to the newly elected – a symbol of passing on the light to one another.

St Mary's Vinnies attend their last Vinnies meeting for the year
St Mary’s Vinnies attend their last Vinnies meeting for the year

These young women have also been collecting items of clothing over the term. The clothing were donated to the Society today and will be distributed to families over the Christmas Season.


Each week, thanks to the generosity of our key supporters and funders the Society of St Vincent de Paul Centre in Kingsland  are able to cook up  hot-meals to feed those who a homeless and vulnerable in Auckland City .  As bread is the cheapest and most accessible type of food  and is also the food usually donated to drop in centres, those who are homeless and unable to access meals often suffer from malnutrition.


With the generous donations of our key funders and supporters, The Society is able to make a small contribution and provide offer nutritious hot-meals to around 120 people once a week throughout the year. These meals consist of a  meat and vegetable casserole and rice. The Society would like to thank those who support us in our mission, especially the management  of James Liston Hostel for the use of your cooking Facilities.

Key Funders:

– Auckland SVdP Area Councils
– The Catholic Caring Foundation
– Hugh Green Trust
– ASB Community Trust
-St Patrick’s Parish Auckland
– St Benedict’s Parish Auckland

Social Service Providers:

– James Liston Hostel

Thank you again for your continued assistance to those in need.



Today the students of St Paul’s College gathered to celebrate their service work this year. Without a doubt this was a very joyous occasion filled with singing and acknowledgment of all the students and the school for its support.

St Paul’s College Vinnies at their Thanksgiving Ceremony

Key Service Projects 2014:

-Dinner and dessert prep for the Auckland City Mission
-Homelessness overnight retreat on Good Friday
-Initiating and running workshops with Mini Vinnies
Fortnightly & monthly attendance @Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty and Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings.
– Preparing and Serving dinner at emergency housing centres


Over the last few months the Vinnies After School Programme at Monte Cecilia Housing Trust has continued to grow. This week marked the final session for this year.

Sancta Maria College Leaders facilitate this week's after school session
Sancta Maria College Leaders facilitate this week’s after school session

We are very grateful for the Vinnies and staff from De La Salle, McAuley and Sancta Maria Colleges who have taken the time to volunteer and build relationships with the resident families and children.A special thank you to Ms Maria Fouhy for her support over the last couple of weeks and for the wonderful leaders from Sancta Maria College that facilitated this week’s session. The enthusiasm and love they have shown is priceless. We look forward to the Monte Xmas Family Fun Day that will be hosted before the end of the year.


Thank you to the generous donors for the class furniture that will transported to schools needing resources. A heartfelt thank you to the management of Polynesian Shipping for your ongoing generosity and support of this work.

The team loading the furniture for schools
The team loading the furniture for schools


Today the Youth Team had the privilege of coming out to De La College and be present at the school assembly. It was an opportunity to look back on the service works that their Vinnies group have taken part in, and the gift they are to all those whom the Society seek to assist.

De La Salle College Vinnies
De La Salle College Vinnies

Key Service Works 2014:

– After school Programmes at a local emergency housing centre
– Fortnightly & monthly attendance @Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty and Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings.
– Preparing and Serving dinner at emergency housing centres
– Assisting families through working bees and landscaping.


Today the Vinnies of St Dominic’s College gathered one last time to refect on their year of service. These wonderful students shared what they found value in and how “doing service” and “connecting” with others, significantly changed their perceptions and attitudes. The Society is proud of the journey of these young women, their service work and difference they have made. Malo lava St Dominic’s College.

St Dominic's College Vinnies
St Dominic’s College Vinnies

Key Service Projects 2014:

– Volunteering at local homework centre
– Food drive for foodbank
– Upcoming Christmas Appeal for Families
-Upcoming Christmas family day for Western Village Caravan Park
-Fortnightly & monthly attendance @Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty and Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings.
– Preparing and Serving dinner at emergency housing centres

Vinnies News Weekly

October Week 03


As part of the Vinnies work, two groups continue tow work closely with the staff at Serco Prison, a corrections facility located in the busy suburb of Mt Eden, to support the men who reside there. On the Sunday, a group of Vinnies were invited to go along and coordinate several church service for the residents. This time Vinnies team combined with a Baptist group and also a Tongan Methodist group.

Mt Eden Corrections Facility Exterior
Mt Eden Corrections Facility Exterior

The group traversed across several units under the guidance of the Chaplain and officers to spend time in prayer and worship alongside the residents. For some of the team members it was the first time that they had ever been a part of such a ministry group. It was a moving experience for the team and the residents who attended expressed their gratitude and appreciation.The Society is grateful for the Chaplaincy, staff and management of Serco Prison who encourage faith-based groups to come in each month to support their men and women.


It was moving to reflect on the journey of Liston College Vinnies, the group’s second year running. These young men have done an amazing job. The feedabck from the community and those they have walked alongside are grateful for their gifts of time and for their generosity and compassion.

Liston College Vinnies 2014
Liston College Vinnies 2014

Key Service Works 2014:

– Cooking Bulk meals for emergency housing centres
– Can drives for SVdP foodbanks
– Care packs for emergency housing centres
– Planning meets for Mega Christmas Event for families in West Auck Refuge and Caravan Park.
– Combined projects with St Pauls Massey Youth.
– Weekly meetings to discuss social issues and project planning for the community

Well done Liston College Vinnies, and all the best for the remainder of the year.


And so the legacy continues! It has been nothing short of amazing to see the journey of Rosmini College Vinnies unfold this year, 2014 being the year Rosmini once again assist the Vinnies Youth Programme.

Rosmini College Vinnies 2014

Key Service Works:

– Preparing and dropping of meals for Auckland City Mission
– Serving meals at a local emergency housing centre
– Massive can drives to support SVdP Foodbanks for families
– Weekly meetings to discuss social justice, and it’s importance within the community.

Thank you again Rosmini College, we look forward to the many great years ahead.


It was great to be together again with the families and children of the local emergency housing centre since the recent school holidays. There is alot to be learnt from the life experience of these families. This time will definitely benefit these Vinnies to be more connected, aware and compassionate in their work. Thank you Monte Cecelia Housing Trust for the opportunity.

The evening itself unfolded beautifully, even with a busy study timetable , the Vinnies from Sancta Maria College enthusiastically turned up to volunteer. They shared their passion for art with the children, facilitated games and spent time building relationship with the families. Sancta Maria College Vinnies, thank you for your work and your commitment.

Sancta Maria College Vinnies building friendships with the young ones


Ethan, a student of St Peter’s College will be spearheading a mammoth food appeal for families over the next month. The proceeds of this food appeal will go towards SVdP foodbanks across Auckland.

Ethan is heading off to the Philippines in December along with several students from St Peter’s as part of an Edmund Rice Community Immersion Programme. For every dollar raised towards this trip, he will collect one food item to match it. As Ethan has a passion for helping others, he hopes that this trip and the food collected will go a long way towards assisting families both here and abroad.

The winter season now draws to a close, and so these food items will definitely make a difference for families. If you are interested in supporting this food appeal, do not hesitate to get in touch.


The students of Carmel College were in high spirits today as they shared moments that had influenced them through Vinnies this year. Looking at the close relationships that they have built with their near and wider community was evident through their service projects.

Carmel College Vinnies Leadership Team 2014

Key Service Works:
-Serving at James Liston Hostel
-Building a relationship with St. Vincent de Paul Shop in Glenfield
-Easter Appeal
-Can drive
-Collection of clothing
-Participating in Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty themes and Social Justice.
– Weekly service project planning meetings


Today the young women of Marist College shared their experience of Vinnies over the past year. We would like to acknowledge all the hard work, commitment, time and effort that they have put towards Vinnies during 2014.

Marist College Vinnies Leadership Team 2014

Reflecting on the year brought back memories of all the projects that they had been a part of including:
-Serving at James Liston Hostel
-Fun day for Children in Care
-Care packs for refuges
-Clothing appeal
– Brand new Duvet and Blanket Appeal
-Term long Foodbank Drives
– Vinnies Service Retreat
-Collecting warm blankets for families
-Attending World Youth Day Auckland
-Attended Advocacy in Aotearoa Conference (Edmund Rice)
-Fortnightly & monthly attendance at Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty and Social Justice

Marist College Vinnies 2014
Vinnies News Weekly

October Week 02


Under the leadership of the Homeless Outreach Team, members of Vinnies Youth took to the streets of Auckland City to assist in the homeless headcount. Around 20 people from different agencies headed out into the night from 7pm until midnight to find out how many were sleeping rough around the Auckland City area.

Mission staff often walk the inner city streets daily from the early hours of the morning to late in the evening, making contact with those sleeping rough. They engage newcomers, letting them know where and how to access support, check on those known to be especially vulnerable, and assist wherever they can. The purpose of this headcount was to therefore collect important statistical information to advise policy and inter-agency development.


On the 18th of October, the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Auckland hosted a Thanksgiving ceremony. This was an opportunity to celebrate the service works, the relationships built and the faith journeys of the Youth leaders and their Vinnies groups for 2014.

Leaders from Secondary School, Tertiary, Parish and Community Vinnies groups were present. Their was a real sense of family as parents, teachers, social service providers and key supporters and funders also came to celebrate these young people.

A special thank to our guest speaker Susan Brebner for honoring us on the night with her wisdom and passion and also to our dear parents .Thank you to all those who had a role in preparation for this event and especially for the gift of this year.


“Give. Love. Hope. Serve.” These four words have become the theme for St Mary’s College Vinnies throughout the course of 2014. It was been great to come out to the group’s school today and look back on their faith and service journey, a full yet energizing one indeed.

St Mary’s College Vinnies student leaders and staff

Key Service Works for 2014:

– Easter care pack drives for emergency housing centres
– Putting together learning kits for schools overseas
– Serving meals for residents at emergency housing centres
– Toy collections for children in care
-Fortnightly and monthly attendance at Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty themes and Social Justice.
– Weekly service project planning meetings

Thank you for an awesome year St Mary’s College Vinnies, see you all again soon!


To look back on the journey so far has been deeply moving, especially as we visit the 13 schools that are part of the Auckland Vinnies Youth Program. Today the Youth Team had the privilege to visit Sancta Maria College and affirm the students for all they have done this year.

Sancta Maria College Vinnies 2014

Key Service Works:

– After school Programmes at a local emergency housing centre
– Onsite buddy programme with students in special needs classes
– Preparing and Serving dinner at emergency housing centres
– Easter Drives for families of those in prisons
– After School “Servant Leadership” Retreats
– Clothing & Food appeals
– – Attended Advocacy in Aoteroa Conference (Edmund Rice)
– Fortnightly & monthly attendance @Vinnies sessions addessing Poverty and Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings.
– Christmas Appeal for families

Thank you Sancta Maria College for your care and compassion!


We are so grateful for the love and faith the young men of St Peter’s College have shown across the 2014. Thank you for being such a blessing to Vinnies family and wider community.

St Peter’s College Vinnies 2014

Key Service Activities:

– Serving meals at the Emergency Housing
– Hosting fundays for children in care
– Massive clothing and food drives to support families
– Homelessness awareness retreats
– Bulk hotmeals for the City Mission
– Student Led presentations to better understand poverty in Aotearoa.
– Support work for Advocacy in Aoteroa Conference (Edmund Rice)
– Fortnightly & monthly attendance @Vinnies sessions addessing Poverty and Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings.

Well done St Peter’s College Vinnies!


Today we celebrated the awesome work of Baradene College Vinnies over 2014. The last three terms have been filled with the passion and dedication of many students hoping to making a difference in the lives of others.

SVdP Kingsland President Peter presenting awards to students of Baradene College

Service projects to date:

– Serving meals at an emergency housing
– Mammoth Can collection for food banks
– Resources for schools in need (Disabilities)
– Hotmeals for people sleeping rough.
– Sponsorship of students in Malawi
– Fortnightly & monthly attendance @Vinnies sessions addessing Poverty and Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings.


Hobson Street Theatre Company presents Last Chance Cafe, a production to be performed live at Herald Theatre from 29 October – 1 November. The Hobson Street Theatre Company is an arts initiative by Auckland City Mission. The members have all used the Mission’s services, some have experienced homelessness,  accessed addiction services, and all have used the Community Drop-In Centre.


The Hobson Street Theatre Company (HSTC) is based at Auckland City Mission. Founded in 2010, it presents work created by people with authentic experiences of the street. The company’s vision is to tell stories of Auckland that we don’t usually hear, and to share a perspective of the city usually unseen by many.

For many of the actors, this production provides a platform to freely express their talents to the wider community whilst sharing some of their life journey. With rehearsals twice a week for the last six weeks, the cast are ready to deliver on opening night.

For more information on the production, and ticket availability please click on link below:


Thank you Sacred Heart College Vinnies for your commitment throughout 2014. Today was our final visit this year. Congratulations to your staff, leaders & crew in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Sacred Heart College Vinnies 2014

Sacred Heart College Service Works to date:

– Providing Financial Support for Students in Malawi
– Serving meals at Emergency Housing
– After School Programmes
– Mammoth Food Appeal for Auckland City Mission
– Taking Part in the Hikoi to end Child Poverty
– Supporting Glenbrae school
– Serving meals at Community kitchen
-Work bee in support of Marist Alternative Ed School
-Gardening workbees
– Fortnightly and monthly attendance at Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty/ Social Justice
– Weekly service project planning meetings

Thank you once again Sacred Heart College Vinnies for doing both yourselves and your school proud.


Today marked a special day in the 2014, in which the Youth Team had the privilege to visit McAuley High School one last time this year and thank the Vinnies for their service works. The Society of St Vincent de Paul are deeply moved by their charism and willingness to serve others. We wish these young women all the best in the many years to come.

McAuley High School Vinnies 2014

-McAuley Service Works to date:
-Bulk Food drive for families
-Weekly Visits to Elderly home
-Support Recreate Programme (Disabilities)
-Fundraiser Ball ( Disabilities )
-Serving at James Liston Hostel ( Emergency Housing)
-Bulk Meals for Auckland City Mission
-Fortnightly and monthly attendance at Vinnies sessions addressing Poverty and Social Justice.
– Weekly service project planning meetings

The Society of St Vincent de Paul are deeply moved by their commitment to others… ‪#‎Vinniesyouth‬ ‪#‎toserveinhope‬

Vinnies News Weekly

October Week 01


This was lived out as these young people from St Paul’s Massey Parish Vinnies, Liston College and Don Bosco Parish Youth came together to cook bulk meals for the local residents of  two West Auckland emergency housing facilities. The menu consisted of baked macaroni dishes and apple pie dessert.
As part of their programme for the evening, Hermann Retzlaff a politician as well as an avid advocate for families affected by poverty was invited along to speak to the youth. What he had to share, the young people founf uplifting and inspiring. The Scoiety of St Vincent de Paul wish to commend the leadership and the members of this crew. 


This year to mark World Homeless Day, the Central Auckland Rough Sleepers Initiative (CARSI), a collaboration of agencies who work with the homeless, has organised a day of activities in Freyberg Square from 10 am – 3 pm. Awesome to see so many familiar faces, and witness the street cook off between TV3 comedians Rose Matafaeo and Urzila Carlson and two of the Mission’s homeless clients. A great day of awareness towards those without stable shelter.

Clients of Auckland City Mission share their experiences of sleeping it rough.


The earth and everything in it is for everyone. When people have more than they need, it is good share. Thank you to all those that donated good quality clothing and educational resources to send to struggling schools in Tonga.
A special thank you to Polynesian Shipping management for their ongoing generous sponsorship. The Society would also like to thanks the shop volunteers who assisting in packing the gear.

Gap year students from Challenge 2000 assist the Vinnies in packing and transporting boxes of clothing.


Congratulations to the stunning and talented Elle Plank for becoming the youngest finalist in this year’s Wallace Art Awards.  Elle Plank and Chloe Rose travelled to Samoa on a Vinnies volunteer trip earlier this year to work at a school dedicated to students with intellectual disabilities. They have received many positive reviews from everyone for their creativity, initiative, compassion, enthusiasm and commitment to changing lives. They have currently initiated an art/craft service project with Baradene College Vinnies to support students with intellectual disabilities.
Check out Elle’s website

Elle Plank


We are always grateful to those who donate furniture and other good quality goods. These items are either sold through Vinnies shops to raise money for the foodbank/support services or donated directly to families seeking help.
Today this crew were out in the van picking up donations.


Some of the team are spending time today topping up all the supplies for the little Vinnies Kingsland food bank. The standard foodparcel for a family of four should last around 4days.

A typical foodparcel usually contains:

  • 2.5 kg of meat
  • 2 loaves of bread
  • 2litre milk
  • 1 tub of Margarine
  • 2kg mixed vegetables
  • 4 packets of spaghetti
  • 4 cans each of baked beans, tomatoes and fruit
  • 2 canned fish
  • 1 large cereal
  • 6 packets of noodles,
  • 2 cans of soup
  • 1 bottle of vegetable oil
  • 1 packet of rice
  • 1 packet each of tea, coffee or milo, sugar, flour, and biscuits
  • Toiletry items

The Vinnies Kingsland food-bank through your generous support assisted around 500 families with food-parcel and gave out around 7000 hot-meals last year.


Tonight a group of around 20 young adults from the University of Auckland Halls of residence and Vinnies Tertiary attended an induction training to volunteer at the Homeless Drop in centre. It was great to meet these students who had come from all over New Zealand to study in Auckland, and hear why they wanted to volunteer. We are really greatful for the generosity of these young people which reminds us how of Vinnies was started…young people coming together to do something for the vulnerable in our society.

University Students at an induction for Auckland City Mission


As the college Vinnies are off on break it was awesome to havetwo gap students from Challenge 2000 (Wellington) step in and cook up the bulk meals for the City mission drop in centre. They are currently doing a 2 week placement with Auck Vinnies Youth to experience another reality through helping out with Vinnies service projects and school visits. They spent lastweek with Logos Project helping out with their OSCAR Children’s Holiday Programme. The team here at at Vinnies are very excited for the time ahead, looking forward to how this journey will unfold.


Congratulations to all the wonderful staff and crews at Carmel College for organising the Pink Day fundraiser to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation & big ups to the Cotton Candy crew ; ) Welldone to you all. Such an awesome cause. Keep up the good work!



Sacred Heart ought to be commended on their MAMMOTH Canned food drive where they collected way over 3000 items for their Orange Appeal in support of the Auckland City Mission foodbank that supports hundreds of families. Such a generous act of kindness. Big ups to the awesome staff and students and Vinnies crews who coordinated it all and those who donated. Know that you have made a difference to loads of families