Vinnies News Weekly

February Week 04


Ignite Team 2016

The Auckland Ignite Team for 2016 came together for their training days in preparation for the upcoming Vinnies Leaders camp. This team of young adult volunteers will support the Secondary Schools Programme throughout the year – assisting with camps school visits, events, retreats and formation. They will also be supporting key service projects this year. It is very moving to have this group onboard and we are most grateful for their passion and energy.




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Hundreds of people filled the halls of St Mary’s College as the Divine Mercy Congress commenced in it’s second day running. Those who attended experienced many moving testimonies, thought provoking talks, as well as unity through the sharing of culture. Members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul were blessed to be part of this journey, speaking on the charism and sharing parts of their faith journey with the wider collective.



“We can view the world as God sees it, a world capable of transformation, a world of peace and justice”

Yesterday, Grace Ministries gathered again at Kohuora Prison to lead two Sunday liturgies with our brothers inside. The message was about ‘viewing the world as God sees it and that their are things in life we cannot fix and that only he can.’ It was so moving by the messages that we all sung with love and power that can be heard and felt from the outside especially having the opportunity to witness the service they delivered with their beautiful voices as both choirs sang with passion and love.

12717289_993734020695341_7037740127467798090_nThank you so much to Graham Lapslie, who made it possible and also to our brothers who welcomed us. We also thank the young women from Grace Ministries for your courage and love to serve for making yesterday possible and for stepping up to lead. We look forward to the many service projects planned ahead for both Ministries.