Vinnies News Weekly

May Week 05


Carmel College Young Vinnies 

The students of Carmel College unpacked the theme of Social Exclusion with depth. Addressing some of the issues that stop us from including and being more open to those around. It is people that should always come first. Sometimes we need to look ahead to see what is in front us. You girls are awesome and keep up the good work.


Earlier today, the boys from De La Salle came through again to Monte Cecilia to play a few games with the children who reside at the residence. Three new faces from the College came along to be part of the fun and they sure did put on alot of entertainment. Although we had less kids then usual gather today and the weather wasn’t as great we all still had alot of fun as the room was filled with laughter and joy. The faces of these young children light up with excitement everytime these young men step foot in the door and we definitely wouldn’t have it any other way.

Left to Right: Fiva, John, Phillip, Dillon, Loma, Sean


Vinnies News Weekly

May Week 04


A special THANK YOU to the Vinnies Kingsland Centre Team and also our friends from Logos Project for all your hardwork over the last few months.

Vinnies Staff & Volunteers


The students of the Rosmini College Vinnies Conference explored the theme of food insecurity by studying the findings and a Infograph put out by the Auckland City Mission “based on the “100 Families Research”
The Infograph tracked the real life journey of a mother over 7 days as she provided for her family and tried to put food on the table.
They learnt about poverty in NZ and the myths placed on those who depend on benefits and also got to see what went into the food parcels given out by food banks.

Rosmini College Young Vinnies Crew

The feedback from the students was ” If this is the reality that many of these kids go through then they really don’t have a chance” “That food from the foodbank is not very nutritious and it’s not much” “How can these kids from these families achieve at school”

Rosmini unpacking Food-Insecurity

These students are currently.volunteering at the local Emergency Accommodation Centre Homework programme 4 days a week and also supporting the Society at the local Vinnies shop to raise funds to support families.


De la Salle College Vinnies are focusing in the theme of Homelessness this term. They are learning about the causes and effects. The current reality of families in this situation a d what they can do to try and make a difference.
As part of their community service projects they are volunteering at the local Emergency Housing Facility to run an afterschool activity programme for the resident children.

A special thank you to teacher in charge Ranita Roy and leaders and Vinnies Padre-Anthony, Sione, Theo, Tala, Kelly, RJ, Epoki and Edmund for a job well done.

Back to Front: Epoki, John, Padre, RJ, Edmund, Tala, Kelly, Theo


A special appreciation post to the New Tertiary Vinnies officers for 2016. Thank you for taking up the call to Live God’s word. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

Left to Right: Boris, Phillipa, Lemalie


Today the Vinnies of St Mary’s College gathered to unpack the notion of homelessness, and reflect on some of it’s causes and impacts. Some of the feedback by students included how homelessness is not attributable to one factor alone, but rather, numerous variables that may compound over time.

St Mary’s College Vinnies Crew

They also looked at the importance of clarity, awareness and hope, and how these values inform the provision of their service works. As the school term rolls on the Vinnies of St Mary’s College now look towards addressing homelessness through projects within the community.

Today the team the De La Salle College Vinnies took part in a safety training session on how to work with vulnerable young people. These sessions are crucial for these students to be able to carry out their service work in the community.

De La Salle College 

A massive thank you to all the young men who came into todays session and also to Miss Roy for your continuous support. We look forward to seeing the amazing service you have planned for the year.

The Vinnies Op Shops and Food banks throughout the country are the face of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. Where alot of the work is done in support of the individuals and families seeking food, clothing, household goods and advocacy support. Often we rely heavily on volunteers to provide the man/womanpower to enable these services to be provided. Throughout the week student volunteers get rostered on from 3.30-6pm to assist.


A massive shout out to Baradene College. We are so grateful for the mahi you did at the Centre today. The place looks great. You ladies are awesome.

Check out the Vinnies Youth in WELLINGTON

Great to see Vinnies Youth throughout NZ doing their bit in support of their local communities. Massive shout out to our Vinnies brothers and sisters in Windy Welly. Love you work. May God bless you all.


Vinnies News Weekly

May Week 03

St Peter’s College Sleep it Rough

The Vinnies of St Peter’s College recently embarked on a journey to understand what it feels like to be without a place to call home. These young men gained a glimpse of the reality through the building of shelters made of what resources they could muster, and spent the night in solidarity with those who have little options as to where they can stay. Later on in the night the students retired to their makeshift shelters.

St Peter’s College & Vinnies Leaders

It was a struggle for many to sleep through the night as the weather and noises of the night set in. During their dawn reflection the participants shared honestly about the struggle, how much they had taken for granted, how much they were impacted through what they had learnt and how they can take this experience forward through their love and service to one another.

Monte Cecilia Afterschool Programme

De La Salle College boys at it again this week. A huge Thank you to these young men especially the new young boys who came through today to spend a couple of hours with the kids at Monte Cecilia. Your time and passion is very much appreciated not just from these amazing kids and their families but also from your school and the Society.

De La Salle College & Monte showing us how to Dab


Earlier today, the Vinnies of Baradene College gathered to gain an understanding of homelessness within New Zealand. After reflecting on how the founders of the Society attended to the social inequalities of their time, these young women discussed the practical ways that they as a collective can serve those in contemporary society who have no place to call home.


‘Theme of Homelessness’

Liston College Young Vinnies Crew

A big Thank you to Liston College for today’s session where they unfolded the theme of Homelessness. Thank you for your great responses, turnout and energy. Looking forward to keeping up with all your works of service and the passion you all have to helping those in need.


Happy Birthday dear Janet Swan. Thank you for all your years of service.May this upcoming year bring you love, peace and blessings for you and your loved ones

Front to Back: Lucia, Kili, Janet, Victoria, Del, May, Robert & Vao


Thank goodness its Friday. Well done team ..You made it! Foodbank and Shop service. Foodbank staff training ✔ Youth Programme School Sessions &Service Projects ✔

Left to Right: Victoria, Kili, Vao, Gene, Lucia, Pelasio

BARADENE COLLEGE – Volunteering in the Foodbank.

A special thank you to Dominique Koloamatangi & Theresa Filipo from Baradene College for coming in today to help out. Thank you for your doing your part to support families.


A special thank you to the staff and students of Liston College for their most generous collection of food today at their Liston Day Mass held at the St Patrick’s Cathedral today. Liston College have continued to carry out this collection over the last 4 years. This food contribution will go a long way in supporting families in their local West Auckland region. May God Bless you all.



Vinnies News Weekly

May Week 02

Monte Cecilia Afterschool Program

‘Positive Socialisation & Building Connections’

Today Vinnies volunteers from De La Salle College coordinated interactive games and activities for the resident children of Monte Cecilia Housing Trust. – A facility dedicated to providing emergency housing for families as they seek more permanent housing. The aim of the Afterschool programme is to provide positive Socialisation for the resident youth and children, to build genuine connections and friendships and also grow the awareness of student volunteers on the issue of homelessness.

De La Salle Boys playing ‘Bang’

Today’s session was highly successful. The families thoroughly enjoyed the activities coordinated by the students and the students themselves were given an insight into the lives of those who reside in emergency housing.


Auckland City Mission Volunteer Training

This wonderful group of volunteers came together to attend the training session for Drop In at the Auckland City mission. Over the next weeks they will be assisting with meal service and also with recreational programmes. The hope is to build connections through service. We pray for a special blessing over these young adults and the mahi and their service journey.


Vinnies News Weekly

May Week 01

“Extending the hand of Mercy brings Peace”

Early Sunday morning, the East Auckland Area celebrated the works and service of mercy in our communities. The day started off with Mass celebrated at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Glendowie as part of The St Vincent De Paul festival, which was hosted by Claire Murphy and the East/Central Region. It was then followed by a shared meal and a special guest speaker from Auckland City Mission, Helen Robinson as she gave an insight to her experiences and having the hands of Mercy bring Peace. Not only did the Festival have a great number of people from the community but also the support from the East and Central school students .

Sancta Maria College, St Peters College &  St Mary’s College gathered at the East SVDP Festival


“Here we go again, new year, new students, new families and a whole lot of fun”

Students from De La Salle College gathered at the Monte Cecilia Housing Trust to connect with the staff and families who they will be working alongside this term.. The boys came prepared and excited but the kids came back at them with so much energy and joy as they were so grateful to have these young men spend time with them as everyone ended the day off on a high.

Special Thank you goes out to Team leader Elaine and the Monte Cecilia staff, for the continuous support in giving us the opportunity to serve this way . Also to the Families and Children for welcoming these young men with open arms and for allowing them to be present.

De La Salle College & Monte Cecilia Kids

Last but not least, to the De La Salle boys, for stepping up and taking lead and for kick starting our program at Monte this year with greatness. Looking forward to seeing the many creative and fun ideas for the program that you have planned for the rest of the year.


As the theme of ‘Food Insecurity’ continues to be unpacked, the Vinnies of Marist College are becoming connected and informed about about the reality faced by many in our community.

Marist College Young Vinnies Leaders

These young women have been exploring the representation of poverty within New Zealand and how it cannot be simply attributed to one factor. We look forward to seeing their response through spirit and action in the weeks to come!

Marist girls connecting about Homelessness

‘St Dominic’s Caritas Challenge Homelessness Sleepout – LIVE IT’

St Dominic’s Caritas Challenge Sleepout Crew 

Congratulations to the staff and St Dominics Vinnies Leadership and students who coordinated the Caritas Challenge Homeless Sleep out in the weekend. Your commitment to this retreat is truly a testament to you leadership.and your commitment to others.

AVSSC Meeting
(Auckland Vinnies Secondary School Leaders Council)
Last Friday the members of AVSCC and the Ignite Team met to host elections for the new officers for 2016 and also touch base on the developments of the past month.

We wish to Congratulate Keith Nansen (St Peters College) Chairperson and Mia Loheni (Baradene College) Vice Chairperson.
A special THANK YOU to 2015 Chairperson and vice Lupesina Koro and Latayvia Tautai for a job well done! We are excited you are both staying on as mentors for the new executives.

AVSSC Leaders & Igniters