Feed a Family

December Weekly Update

Supporting Those Without a Home

Homelessness remains one of the most significant impacts of the Auckland housing crisis. This entails those sleeping on the streets and in cars but can also be seen in other ways. Homelessness can also be experienced by those couch surfing or residing in emergency housing centres. James Liston Hostel is a a house and haven for those looking to transition out of homelessness. The hostel provides warm, secure rooms, two meals a day, laundry services, and access to social services and drug and alcohol counselling. Tenants can stay for up to 12 weeks and the staff work with residents to find a secure space for housing.

A contingent of volunteers from the Society of St Vincent de Paul recently hosted a christmas dinner for those residing at James Liston Hostel. The intention was to provide a hearty meal for those who go without, but more than anything an opportunity to connect and share stories. The volunteers enjoyed creating a space to connect and learn more about the lived realities of homelessness. It was sobering to hear stories of trauma and grief, but also stories of hope for what lies ahead for the residents. The volunteers left the service initiative feeling a sense of fullness, as this was a concrete experience of where donations of the feed a family appeal go towards. It goes towards helping individuals such as those at James Liston Hostel to be fed and recognise the gift of coming together for Christmas.

Volunteers at James Liston Hostel

A Season of Giving: Volunteers at Vinnies Centre

At present the Newton foodbank is currently supporting over 5000 people. This consists of babies, children, youth, parents and grandparents. This Christmas The Society of St Vincent de Paul are putting out more foodboxes than ever. Within the past 10 days alone, more than 250 foodparcels have been distributed. These are boxes of groceries that include dry goods, fresh vegetables, 5 kgs of meat and gifts for the whole family. The Society of St Vincent de Paul are extremely grateful for the donations that have been coming through, as well as the youth volunteers who have turned up in groups to put the boxes together. More supplies were brought in and a further 150 foodparcels were able to be made. This has ensured that families are well fed and catered to this Christmas season. 

Parishes Gather to Support Families in Need

At the beginning of the Christmas Season, the Society of St Vincent de Paul are finding that more and more working families are seeking support in budgeting and food support. By the time that they come to our food bank, they’re often broken and hurt. They have tried everything and there is a deep sense of shame as they have had to explain their struggles countless times to others. There have been many stories shared about parents keeping their kids at home because they do not want others to know they have nothing to put in their children’s lunch boxes. In response to this, an appeal has been made within parishes; seeking the support of the community to care for those who worry about where their next meal might come from. It is hoped that the full proceeds of this appeal will go towards feeding families right throughout the Christmas season. The Society of St Vincent de Paul give thanks for Good Shepherd parish in balmoral and St Michael’s Parish in Remuera for their generosity this week.