Vinnies News Weekly

March: Week Three

Leadership Camp 2018

Vinnies Youth 2018

Over the span of one weekend, around 70 Vinnies from across Auckland travelled to Hunua falls for a leadership formation camp. These young men and women are designated leaders of their social justice action groups – tasked with guiding their respective groups towards works of service.

For many, this was the first time meeting; and so this was an opportunity to connect with one another through the unifying Vincentian charim. The collective were mixed and divided into teams, each rotating in a series of team building activities and formation sessions. These included: kayaking, outdoor pursuits, strength identifying activities and learning about the founders of the Society. What began as nervous stares between young strangers soon became shouts of laughter and smiles – each activity brought the student leaders together and brought to the forefront the importance of connection and positive socialization. A series of debriefs between each activity revealed that how the students interacted with activities mirrored a part of how they interact with the wider world.

Fr Sherwin celebrating Mass at camp

The night included a Vigil Mass celebrated by Fr Sherwin of St Patrick’s cathedral. Fresh from his travels abroad, he shared a poignant message of taking courage and serving those in need; just as Jesus did in his time many years ago.

Early the next day, the VinniesYouth reflected upon their experiences the day prior and gave thanks at the foot of the Hunua Falls. They came to an understanding that they were called to serve their fellow brother and sister in need, each experience of connection bringing them closer to a greater awareness of oneself and others. Aided with the numerous tools and resources provided by the camp, these young Vinnies leaders agreed that they were now ready to take the teachings and put them into action through works of mercy within the community.

Vinnies Leaders gathered at Hunua Falls for morning prayer