Feed a Family

Feed A Family

Feed A Family is programme facilitated by the Auckland St Vincent de Paul Centre in Newton that seeks to raise awareness and respond to Food Insecurity.

The programme has differing components and services such as:

1. Kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) and building trust as well as connections with those seeking support and with local advocates.

2. Response: Understanding, advocacy and referral. Support is achieved through practical help and the provision of food boxes which include nutritious cooked meals.

3. Building of Relationships: with those seeking support, other social service providers, school communities, local parishes and donors.

4. Education and Awareness: Sharing the stories and factual information in colleges, church communities and local communities through presentations and mulitmedia.

5. Fundraising and sponsorship:  Winter and Christmas Appeals to support families in need.

6. Feed A Family youth food projects: Launching of canned food collections, Cooking projects etc.

Each of these services and opportunities to assist are offered in the hope of bringing our communities closer together, as we are reminded by the Gospels that we are also called to God through our care of one another.

Feed A Family – Pandemic Response

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a steep surge in requests arising from families needing support.

The Vinnies Covid-19 Response team have heard and seen first-hand some of the extreme impoverished situations that people are facing since the Covid-19 Lockdown. The response team have connected with hundreds of vulnerable, struggling families and individuals over the past two weeks. One in particular shared:

“It was a real eye opener dropping off food to a tent in the middle of a deserted car lot… I dropped off 3 parcels to one address, I was confused and thinking someone was trying to take advantage of the free food. Boy was I wrong! I was really wrong. One foodbox went to the basement where the grandmother was isolating with a teenager, one to the back shed where a older siblings teenagers and babies were, and the last to the carport tent where the dad was. It was cold, there was not enough blankets and beds. They had a makeshift cooking arrangment outside that did not look safe. They were all trying to isolate and were quite stressed because nappies and formula had run out and their wasn’t enough food. Thank God their neighbour who had phone credit rang on their behalf…”

NOTE: SVdP has since referred these families to Social services to be housed and they are being moved into more suitable accomodation. The SVdP response team will continue to support them with food, other resources and connect in with them regularly.

As the SVdP response team continues to support families in need, they are mindful that they cannot do it alone. We have heard your enquiries about practical ways to support us, and have outlined below the best ways how:

1) Monetary Donations
Soc of St Vincent De Paul AK 12-3017-0500224-00
Particulars: Your last name
Reference: Covid-19

2) Countdown or Pak’n Save vouchers

To request a tax receipt please email:

For any enquiries please email:

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