August Highlights Pt.2

Rise For Climate!

During the month of August, the Vinnies Team have been working along side climate warriors from 350 Pacific in the hopes of raising awareness for the growing problems affecting our climate. 350 Pacific is a youth led network who works with communities to help fight against the climate change happening within the pacific islands. This month, both 350 Pacific and Vinnies teamed up to prepare for a hikoi (march) that will be happening on the 8th September by painting and preparing banners.

The hope for this is march is to raise awareness as a community on the negative impact fossil fuels have on our planet, especially in the pacific islands.

Banners being painted at our Kingsland Vinnies Shop by both Climate Warriors and Vinnies.

Banners designed by the Vinnies from out in West.

A Sweet way to Raise Awareness!

As a way of representing Pink Day at their school, the girls from Carmel College had decided to raise awareness for those who are suffering from breast cancer. Dressed all in pink, these Vinnies leaders spent hours making and prepping pink candy floss as a creative way of raising this awareness. Both students and leaders are confident when they say that the candy floss was a huge hit!

South Side Cook Ups

At the St Vincent de Paul Centre in Otahuhu, students from De La Selle College and McAuley Highschool are currently running service projects in order to provide for families who are in need. Each week, each school on different days offer their time after school to prepare and cook meals which would later be distributed to families when they come in seeking food parcels. Under the supervision of South Vinnies President Tonia Greatbatch, these meals keep the food bank stocked until these students come back to do it all over again.

McAuley Highschool students prepping curryd on rice, ready to be picked up 

The aim of this project is to help the staff out in Otahuhu with the high demands they face every day and to also make sure that there are quick and easy meals ready for pick up when people come through.

De La Selle students cooking beef stews and fried rice ready to be stored until needed.

Vinnies YADS Leader Retreat

In the final weeks of August, our Vinnies were fortunate enough to run a retreat for our Young Adult leaders or “YADS” for short. It was a time to take a step back from the work load of life and to reflect on the journey that each leader has taken this year. The day consisted of discussion, first taking time to stand and reflect on what bought each individual to the retreat that day. From there, it became a larger focus on who each person was and what patterns in their life which led them to be who they are that day.

The day was then concluded with soulful songs and praise and a few challenges that each person took on with the hope of getting them out of their comfort zone. Teachings, lessons, and realisations were absorbed by each person at the retreat with everyone leaving with this statement:

It is the pattern of our past and the intensities of a moment in time that shape our present and therefore, our future.


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