Vinnies News Weekly

April Week 04


Fraser Munro from Mrs Mac pies (Left) pictured with Peter Irving from St Vincent de Paul
Fraser Munro from Mrs Mac pies (Left) pictured with Peter Irving from St Vincent de Paul

As the winter season approaches, families struggle with increases in the price of heating and fuel amongst other costs. Food insecurity becomes a real issue for many families during this time.There are many factors that contribute towards food insecurity which include health issues, unemployment and social problems and there is no one clear solution to this.

The St Vincent de Paul Society understand this and also understand that people quite simply need food on the table. The Society are very grateful to the numerous donors, sponsors and volunteers who give of their time and resources to make sure these families are cared for.

During the week the St Vincent de Paul in Kingsland received around 12,000 pies to the value of approximately $30,000 to distribute amongst all the St Vincent de Paul food banks. This generous donation was  will be distributed to close to twenty food banks across Auckland to support families seeking food assistance. We wish to thank the management of Mrs Mac’s pies for this most generous donations.


Preparing candles for the upcoming Vinnies Commissioning Mass

As part of the St Vincent de Paul Society service immersion youth programme, students from Catholic Secondary schools are encouraged to volunteer in their local Vinnies Centre/ shop. The hope is that through these opportunities they will experience first hand what goes on in a Vinnies Centre in order to provide for those who come in seeking assistance.

Marist College Vinnies assisting at the Kingsland SVdP Centre
Marist College Vinnies assisting at the Kingsland SVdP Centre

Students from Marist, Sancta Maria and St Peter’s College dedicate a couple of afternoons a week to assist at their local Vinnies shoppe/centre.  These young men and women assist in packing food for the foodbank, sorting clothing as well as assisting in the opportunity shop.

Sancta Maria College Vinnies assisting at the Manurewa St Vincent de Paul Centre
Sancta Maria College Vinnies assisting at the Manurewa St Vincent de Paul Centre


Connecting in with residents at the local emergency housing centre

Throughout this term young men of St Paul’s College dedicated their early evening to preparing and serving meals to residents of the local emergency housing centre. Approximately 39 residents stay at this centre, receiving two meals a day as well a room of their own. By allowing students to serve at this platform, this provides an opportunity to break down stereotypes and connect with others in our community.


Carmel College Vinnies having a group discussion on incarceration in New Zealand

Throughout the school term, the Vinnies of Carmel of College will be focusing on prisons as a form of social injustice.  After reviewing some statistics, these young women investigated some of the impacts of prison on the wider community. Through discussion and reflection, the students hope to better understand and inform themselves while continuing their works within the community.


Students of St Mary’s College serving soup to the residents of the local emergency housing centre

The students from St Mary’s College have now come to the end of their service work at James Liston Hostel. As part of their final visit, they honored the residents and the staff with a generous gift, thanking the residents for their friendship and for the love and support expressed during their time together. The students reflected on their experience throughout Term 1 and were grateful for the laughter and conversations shared and especially the precious insights on life they received. Thank you St Mary’s Vinnies for your generosity, your courage and your commitment to this part of your service journey.


Students learning more about ‘Social Exclusion’ present in the community

We are all one family in the eyes of Christ and the important thing is “it is people, it is people, it is people” and that Christ excluded nobody. During this school visit, the students of Liston College, had the opportunity to explore the theme “social exclusion”. In groups they discussed what social exclusion is, where it happens and who is excluded. It was really inspiring to see the students engage with the theme within the discussions and realizing the reality that social exclusion has on society.



As the old saying goes – “You can never judge a book by its cover, and nothing is completely as it seems”. During this school visit, an energetic group of St Paul’s College students all gathered at lunch break to take part in the Vinnies youth team workshop on Homelessness. The young men took part in group discussion and activities which spoke a lot on the definition, causes and types of “Homelessness”. St Paul’s College Vinnies will spend the remainder of this term unpacking the theme and finding different ways to try and make a change within their community.


St Michael’s Youth preparing Easter packs for James Liston Hostel

Prior to Easter, these young men and women spent many hours putting together little personalized Easter treats. These were great fully received by families in emergency housing and our friends at James Liston Hostel. On behalf of the residents at James Liston Hostel, we would like to thank St Michael’s Youth for their support and care.

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