Vinnies News Weekly

June Week 03

Sunday 22nd June 2014

Liston College Theme: Vulnerability

This morning the Kingsland Team were out buying in bulk all the items to go into the care packages for one of the emergency housing facilities for men out in West Auckland these items included bulk shaving cream, toothpaste, wash cloths etc. Earlier in the term the students worked on budgets as well as dialogue some of the greater need in their community. From the sessions they understood that homelessness and also poverty was a big issue for thousands of people throughout Auckland . These students wanted to connect with a local collective who supported men with emergency housing and resources. In the weeks that followed they held a fundraiser to collect arounf $300 to purchase 30 care packs for the residents of a local emergency housing for men.Thank you to the generosity of Liston College Vinnies who fundraised the money to make it all possible.

SVdP Kingsland Team purchasing bulk food for the foodbank and toiletries for the carepacks for the residents of emergency housing.

Friday 20th June 2014

Auckland Vinnies School Executive Monthly Council Meeting.

Tonight the Vinnies Execs from 13 Colleges and members of the Ignite Tertiary Vinnies met at Liston Hall for their monthly Council meeting. Damaris Kingdon from the Edmund Rice Collective spoke about advocacy and its importance in our Society. The importance of asking the “WHY?” and challenging the system and promoted the upcoming Advocacy in Aotearoa Forum for young adults. She also affirmed the leaders for their work in the community and expressed how encouraged and proud she was of what they do. We are excited to be working alongside Damaris Kingdon.Several exec leaders will be attending the Forum 17th- 18th July @ St Peters College Hall, Auckland .

Edmund Rice National Network Coordinator discussed the notion of Advocacy with Vinnies Leaders

Peter Charles Irving (Vinnies Community support volunteer) also shared his testimony and encouraged everyone with his story of hope. The leaders were quite moved by what he had to share about his life struggles and living on the streets and especially the passion he has for the Vinnies youth and the difference they are making in Society.

The Youth team spent the rest of the evening facilitating groups to unpack the last 5 months of work that has been carried out by the schools and also reflecting the their group journeys and their own personal story of challenge, growth and transformation.

AVSSC leaders discuss their progress in incorporating the theme “Vulnerability” this term.

The leaders shared how they were quite affected, the breaking down of stereotypes of homelessness and poverty, they spoke of the obvious shift in their understanding of the reality, the shift in their compassion, how they felt more.connected to the real people as genuine relationships were formed. They also shared their vulnerabilities and the many challenges they had to endure and overcome as leaders.

AVSSC leaders discuss their progress in incorporating the theme “Homelessness” this term.

Thursday 19th June 2014

Marist College Staff 

The Kingsland Vinnies Centre put out an appeal for warm blankets as the number of  families coming for assistance had increased over the weeks and the centre was not been able to meet the demand. Many of these families had been struggling with the cold and had come into the centre seeking warm blankets. After launching an appeal on facebook for warm blankets over the past week, the centre volunteers were delighted when staff members of Marist College who had seen the appeal online turned up with numerous brand new blankets. They had rallied up the staff and got together just over $400.00 to purchase new blankets to give away to families. We wish to thank Susan Brebner, Anne and the staff of Marist College for this generous donation and also the management of Briscoes Mt Albert for their most generous discounts.

Staff of Marist College drop off numerous duvets to SVdP Kingsland Center to distribute to familes.

SVdP Kingsland Center 

It was great to have the Auckland Vinnies Chief Peter Corutney  at the Kingsland center today..we all just LOVE this guy!
Some of our staff (centre ) Peter Irving and (Right) Sam Mano couldn’t resist the photo opportunity.

SVdP Kingsland staff following a meeting

St Peter’s College – Theme: “Homelessness”

These young men are fine examples of “commitment to those we seek to assist” because although they are busy with their School Production this week, they still managed to find the time to be able to serve tonight for residents at a local emergency housing hostel. Pushed for time, they allowed the opportunity to reconnect themselves with the residents, complete dinner service and share their presence.  Blessings St Peters College Vinnies.

St Peter’s College students serve dinner to residents of emergency housing centers


Opening of new Vinnies Center in Glenfield

The North Shore Area Council have a brand new addition to their Vinnies  retail shops. They have just opened a new store in Glenfield on 75 Ellice Road. This is a welcomed addition to the work of the Vinnies on the North Shore. It is a wonderful spacious and professional looking shop. It has a welcoming feel, a great layout and supberb variety of quality goods on sale. The Shop manager Wanda Lis is rapt about the new store but has admitted that they had to work really hard to get it up and running. The opening of the store was held on the Wendesday 18th of June and this was celebrated by Fr Benedict from the St Thomas Moore Parish. A crowd of around 50 people gathered to celebrate the opening of the new store including a couple of Vinnies from Carmel College who went along to help out with the hospitality. We wish congratulate the board , the management and volunteers of this wonderful new initiative.

Glenfield Vinnies Store: 

Location: 75 Ellice Road Glenfield

Opening Hours: 9.30 -4:00 pm   Monday  -Saturday


The new Vinnies shop in Glenfield
The new Vinnies shop on 75 Ellice Road Glenfield


Carmel College Vinnies at the new SVdP center in Glen Field

Wednesday 18th June 2014

Sacred Heart College – Theme: “Homelessness”

As the unpacking of the theme “Homelessness” continues, it has been nothing less than amazing to see the students of Sacred Heart College come together once more. Two of the messages that were evident in today’s meeting is that “The greatest gifts are our ears, and our time”… a message that these young men have exhibited time and time again. Thank you for your drive and compassion!

An SVdP volunteer gives his testimony to students at Sacred Heart College

Tuesday 17th June 2014

St Peters College – Theme: “Homelessness”

Tonight the gentlemen at St Peters found themselves in their element once more, as they serve a hot meal at the local emergency housing center. The team of three made light work of helping prepare and clean up after the meal… but not without plenty of laughing and smiling along the way.

Students are briefed before serving residents
Preparing dinner for 35 people

Monday 16th June 2014

Society of St Vincent de Paul Kingsland Staff

Around 20 adult volunteers commit hours and hours of their time each week to ensure the Vinnies Kingsland centre work runs smoothly. Today we held a Kingsland Centre Team training at the James Liston hall. We were really moved by their willingness to give a whole day to be with each other learning more and developing skills to enhance their work and their relating to others. Without this team the work and service Vinnies provide would impossible. THANK YOU and May God bless you.
Thank you also to the fabulous staff at St Patrick’s Cathedral for allowing us to use your space and all you do in support of our team.

Prayer focus during training session
The Kingsland Center staff taking part in a training session

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